Upcoming Race - May 3, 2014

New Obstacles, New Challenges, More Primal...


Upcoming Events:

We will be back in Fayetteville on May 3, 2014!! Click Here for more information.

Primal Challenge proudly supports Sheep Dog Impact Assistance:

Obstacle Course Race Comes to Fayetteville again!

There’s something primal inside you. It’s the voice that pushes you to live aggressively, seek adventure, test your mettle. It’s the battle cry that calls you to go big, or go home. But have you ever gone big, or just stayed home?

The Primal Challenge is not a family fun run or a mud race.  Primal Challenge is 4 miles of badass obstacles and gnarly terrain guaranteed to test your limits. Run, crawl, climb, carry - join a re-evolution back to your ancient roots where running through the woods, getting dirty and facing adversity was part of daily life.

Take the Challenge.  Re-Evolve May 3, 2014!

Check out the photos from the last race: